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Jul. 5th, 2010 12:31 pm
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//Edit: Can anyone tell me if the pictures look really distorted on their computers? They don't even look right on my desktop computer....

From most recent back to January:

A room in the new Livingston Student Center. My high school friends and I had it all to ourselves because Livingston is the last campus anyone wants to be on during a Friday afternoon in the summer.

Wheelie chairs! In which we act half of our ages.

Dark picture, but we had the brilliant idea to put two sofas together and lounge around. Who knew that you could actually have fun on Livingston just by sitting around and chatting.

Entrance to the Busch suites (where I wanted to dorm, because Busch is the science campus. D:) However, the East Asian House (living learning community on Douglass that I will be living at for coming year) seems like a really cool dorming experience to have before dying on Busch during my time as a professional pharmacy student, even if the transit is a bit inconvenient.

This is actually a pretty nice transition, because the next sections of photos are of Douglass Campus, my home for the 2010-2011 year. It is the most scenic campus at Rutgers.

Suspension bridge known as the "Kissing Bridge"

College Hall. It's such a nice looking building on the outside. I wonder if it's cozy looking on the inside.

Huge field right by the Nicholas Music Center.

Same field, but from a different POV.

The other side of the field.

Field from another angle

And if you go across that field, you will see:

This is the Raritan River.

Steps leading to the picture below:

People studying....maybe I'll do the same if the weather is nice.

Nicholas Music Center, home to the students of Mason Gross....we had All-State Orchestra rehearsals here. Sucks for the people in northern and southern NJ, haha.

Bridge right by the Nicholas Music Center. It's very scenic....someone at All-State told us that Rutgers likes to take pictures of it to appeal to potential students. I've never seen it on a pamphlet or anything like that though.

View from the bridge

Hickman Bridge, which was actually built for horses.

Close-up of Hickman.

I think that this was by the Chang Science Library ([profile] phyllisophical, correct me if I'm wrong. :P). I was like, "oo, this looks like such a nice place to study" and tried going inside....only to discover that bees really like that area. Neverrrrmind.

My friend's dorm, Bunting-Cobb! It's a dorm for women in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math). It was my second choice dorm, although I chose Jameson (location of the East Asian House) over it, mostly because of Jameson has a really convenient location. It's right across from the Douglass Student Center and is right by two bus stops (one of which is actually just outside the dorm). Sometimes I feel like I slightly regret the choice, since East Asian House requires you to take a course from the East Asian Studies department (I'm really hoping that Intermediate Japanese doesn't hit me upside the head) and it also has its own 1.5 credit course....but overall I'm hoping that it'll be a totally different/unique experience to have as a pharmacy student, before I enter the professional years.

I told my friend that Bunting-Cobb looks like an elementary school. I mean, look at this:

Random path at Douglass.

The Eagleton Institute of Politics. My friend says that it's extremely nice inside....I wish I could go in, haha.

This is the Passion Puddle (which is more of a pond than a puddle, haha). It's a pretty historic spot. There's also a legend that if a guy and a girl hold hands and walk around the pond three times, they'll get engaged.

-end Douglass pic spam-

The fountains at Livingston Campus. I kind of just want to run through them...

Sushi dinner during the second to last day of finals. We all ordered two rolls and then shared them with everyone. The spider rolls were my order -- they're my favorite.

Sushi with kiwi on it. I really wanted to try one because I've never had sushi with fruit on it before, but everyone went for those, and I felt bad for the friend who originally ordered I took a piece with no kiwi on it because I felt that she should have some.

Who knew that Kit Kats came in orange flavor? My roommate's friend brought it back from the UK. It actually really wasn't bad at all! Just a slight hint of orange. You can see my Lenovo laptop and my Samsung netbook in the background, haha.

The following pictures are of Rutgers during the spring. The only campus I missed was Douglass, which must be beautiful in the spring. I'll do this again next year, haha.

This is one of those things that looked more impressive IRL...I just really liked the patch of sky showing through the treetop. This was by Scott Hall on College Ave.

Also by Scott Hall.

Outside of the Livingston Student Center.

Outside of the Wright-Riemann chemistry labs on Busch. I liked the contrast of pink on green.

Outside of the BAMM freshman dorm complex! (BAMM = Barr, Allen, Metzger, Mattia....I lived in Allen). This is one of my favorite photos. A lot of people were like, "wait, where was this?"

Outside of the Hill Center (for mathematics) on Busch.

Outside the Kilmer Library on Livingston. The steps that you see all the way at the bottom of the picture are really nice to sit and study on when the weather is warm.

Outside of the Zimmerli Art Museum on College Ave! Another one of my favorite shots, although it looked better IRL, as usual.

-end springtime pic spam-

This is inside of the Asian American Cultural Center on Livingston. I'm part of the Rutgers Chinese Dance Troupe, and this is where we held our social. A picture of me doing a Mongolian dance made it into the Daily Targum (the Rutgers newspaper), although unfortunately I don't look too happy in it, haha. Here are some pictures of me doing the ribbon dance that my friends uploaded onto facebook though:

Haha, I love this one.

Hannari Tofu plushie from the TASA Nightmarket! (TASA is the Taiwanese student organization at RU). I gave it to my friend for her birthday, since she loves Hannari Tofu. I'm hoping that they have them again next year...I want a tofu of my own. :D (I randomly found out that if you squeeze its sides, it looks like it's hugging you. This was during the a conversation with a friend, and I stopped mid-sentence to go, "OMG LOOK IT'S LIKE IT'S HUGGING YOU!" Yes, this is what talking to me is like.

Totoro. ♥ Bought it at the TASA Nightmarket because I couldn't resist, haha. (Speaking of Totoro, I loved his cameo in Toy Story 3).

Okay, I'm done -- have to study for finals. Since both of my summer classes meet on Thursdays, both of the finals are on Thursday. Wah.

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